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Flame Token

A utility token for the creator economy.

Flame Token is the native currency of Sharesome, the first social discovery network for adult content creators and brands. Sharesome is designed to connect all stakeholders in the adult industry.

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What is XFL?

The Flame Token (XFL) is a blockchain based token compatible with the ERC-20 standard of the Ethereum blockchain.

Flame Token have to be exchanged into Flame Credits for the use on Sharesome. Flame Credits are used as a value transfer mechanism on the platform. Right now, Flame Credits are used for tips and other digital services. Advertising on Sharesome is only paid with Flame Credits.

  • Token standard: ERC20; the most widely adopted standard in the world

  • Initial supply: 10.5 billion XFL

  • Current supply: 14.35 billion XFL

  • Max supply: 21 billion XFL

  • Token contract (Etherscan): 0x469861bdfd02e7ebce7cdeb281e8eec53069cf5f

  • Token decimals: 18

The official Flame Token transaction scanner!

Browse on-chain and off-chain XFL transactions. View XFL statistics and inspect wallet addresses.

Sustainable token allocation

At the token creation event 10.5 billion XFL were created. As of August 2022, circulating supply is 14.35 billion XFL. The current token allocation looks like this:


(Sold out)


Public sale


Team & Dev


Marketing & Growth


Community rewards


Staking & Farming

What is Sharesome?

Sharesome is the first social discovery site designed for adult content creators and their fans.

Social media has reshaped the way brands are being built and how they advertise. Today, everyone has the power to build a brand online, or even become a brand. This is called “the creator economy”, but adult content creators are banned from participating.

Sharesome gives this power back to adult content creators, who generate billions of dollars in revenue every year.

The ban on sexy.

Tumblr bans porn

Since Tumblr announced its porn ban in December 2018, the site dropped from 521M MAU to 292M MAU (monthly active user).

Facebook is “sexuality free”

Just a few days after the Tumblr porn ban, Facebook announced to “restrict sexually explicit language”.

Instagram is targeting sex worker

In December 2020, Instagram updated its terms of service, stating that users can’t post sexual content.

TikTok kicks off sex workers

In December 2020 Rolling Stone’s EJ Dickson reported that sex workers are getting “purged” on TikTok.

Reddit rejects NSFW ads

In April 2019 Reddit decided to reject NSFW ads and remove all NSFW subreddits from any campaign.

Twitter next to ban porn?

Twitter has long been adult friendly – but it started to ban or suspend an increasing number of sex workers.

A growing ecosystem for content creators.

Think of Sharesome as a mix between Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit – without the hate-speech, but with the nudes.

We love sexy!


Monthly Active Users

Sharesome’s growth is 100% organic. We double our userbase every year.


Monthly Post Views

The News Feed is at the heart of Sharesome. But there are also Topics to discover.

Brands & influencers already on Sharesome









Luna Corazon

Mia Delor

Candie Cross

Jasmine Rouge

Abigail Dupree


Ginger Banks

Join our community!

Learn about Flame Token and other cryptocurrencies together.

Tools for a creator driven economy.

We’re building state of the art technology for content creators. Our focus is on the $100 billion adult industry that is rapidly changing into a creator industry.

  • Sharesome is the only social media platform that does not discriminate against adult content, creators and brands.

  • In just two years, Sharesome grew organically from zero to 1.6M users and 650M post views per month.

30M paid post views per month

Sharesome delivers 30M+ paid post views every month with an average CPM (cost per thousand impressions) of 23 XFL.

  • Every month 30M paid posts are sold, generating a monthly revenue of 700.000 XFL.

  • We’re constantly introducing new promotion tools to help creators grow their audience and increase revenues.

Sharesome’s Verified Creator Program.

We want every content creators to become independent successful entrepreneurs and drive traffic to their websites, paysites or camsites.

  • We support creators the best we can to fulfill their mission in creating and maintaining a huge fanbase.

  • Since our launch in 2018, we onboarded and verified over 7,000 content creators.

First adult token with more than 1M users!

Flame Token is the first utility token for the adult industry to have more than 1 million users – before it even was listed on an exchange.

Here is what makes us different from other crypto projects in the space.

Unlocking the Holy Grail for adult content creators:

Our development team is on track to deliver the number one social media platform for adult content.

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