Welcome to Flame Technologies AG

Our flagship brand Sharesome is the world's first sex-positive social media site

We are the holding company of Sharesome.

Our mission is to create a sex-positive alternative to Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Snapchat and others, and to give everyone access to social ads for NSFW content.

The entertainment industry has just started its transformation process from a gig-based industry to a creator-driven industry. Adult content creators are at the forefront of this change, already generating $6 billion in revenue on just one single platform (OnlyFans) in 2022, driving innovation.

At the same time, they are cut off from the possibility of openly advertising their brands on mainstream social media as sex workers are constantly targeted and banned.

Therefore, we built Sharesome. Think of Sharesome as a mix between Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit – without the hate speech, but with the nudes.

Go to Sharesome (NSFW): www.sharesome.com


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