Flame Token

sets the adult world on fire.

Rewarding content creators in the adult industry has never been easier. Use Flame Token on Sharesome to tip, promote your posts, and talk with your favorite stars in the industry!


Circulating Supply
10.500.000.000 XFL
Max Supply XFL
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The Flame Token (XFL) is a blockchain based token compatible with the ERC-20 standard of the Ethereum blockchain.

It is intended to be used as a value transfer mechanism for the online adult entertainment industry. On the Sharesome Platform Flame Credits are used for tips and other digital services. Advertising on Sharesome will only be paid through with Flame Credits.

How it works

Not another adult token

We know what you are thinking, another adult token? Yes, because unlike the other ones, Flame Token is already integrated into an online platform and can be used to tip content creators on sharesome.com and to promote your profile if you are a content creator.

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Issues of the adult entertainment industry

Porn is still frowned upon or restricted. Erotic content is highly controlled on mainstream social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, even Twitter). It is very hard for the industry to organically grow an audience and monetize it. We believe that content should be produced and consumed anytime, anywhere, by any adult. At the same time, content creators need (like their mainstream colleagues) a place where they can promote themselves and build a fan base.

Flame Token and Flame Credit

Flame Token is the native currency of the Sharesome ecosystem. In order to allow instant and free transactions between users, we are implementing Flame Credits. These are stored on the Sharesome server.

You can deposit your on-chain Flame Tokens in your Sharesome wallet by sending them to an address that you will be given and the corresponding amount of Flame Credits will be credited to your Sharesome Wallet. You can use those Flame Credits to tip your favorite content creators or to promote your posts. You can also withdraw your Flame Credits to your on-chain address.

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Rewarding content creators is a critical aspect that we wanted to cover on Sharesome, and for this reason we decided to implement a tipping system based on the Flame Credits. Upon signing up, each user receives 10 Flames that they can spend tipping posts and profiles.

The main goal we wanted to achieve with our tipping model was to reward content owners, while at the same time giving back to the community to maximise network effects and user engagement.

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Content creators can use Flame Credits (either earned or bought) to promote their profile and their content to their relevant audience. This will allow them to build a fanbase and send interested fans to their paid sites where they can monetize them.

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Message stars

You can message your favorite star using Flame Credits. This insures that content creators are not flooded with spam messages. Pay only if they respond.

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Statistics about Flame Token

In order to jumpstart the ecosystem of the Flame Token, we held an airdrop where we distributed over 1 billion Flame Tokens to more than 1 million subscribers on our website.

On Sharesome, we have over 2 million unique visitors who created over 10 million posts. There are a lot of transactions happening on Sharesome each day


The Flame Technologies AG is based in Zug, Switzerland. We’ve built a team of world-class engineers, designers, researchers, blockchain specialists, marketers, and financial experts who work together to bring our cryptocurrency XFL to the NSFW social media site Sharesome and beyond.

Tudor Bold
Tudor Bold
Ralf Kappe
Ralf Kappe
Andrew Nelson
Andrew Nelson
Product & Marketing
Miles Teg
Miles Teg
Blockchain & Support
Dennis Hunter
Dennis Hunter
UI/UX & Frontend Developer
Cristian Silva
Cristian Silva
Tam Tam
Tam Tam
Ryan Pool
Ryan Pool
Backend developer
Bogdanov Vadim
Bogdanov Vadim


Place the code wherever you want the button to appear on your page

<div id="shsh_flametoken_main" class="flame-token"></div>

Include the JavaScript SDK on your page once, ideally right after the opening <body> tag

<script src="https://sharesome.com/js/external.js" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" async defer></script>


You can contact us using the form on the right/left or send us an email to contact@flametoken.io