Start of our Liquidity Provider Subsidy Program

The Flame Token Yield Farming App goes live

December started well for us: We finally launched our Liquidity Provider Subsidy Program and our XFL HODL Program on December 1st. From now on you can stake SushiSwap USDC/XFL Liquidity Pool Token and XFL to receive rewards.

Get rewarded for staking tokens in our pools

The Yield Farming App is available here:

If you are new to yield farming and staking, read this how-to guide first:

Building our crypto community

As December is basically the starting signal for our ERC-20 token launch, we also started to build our crypto community. We choose Discord as the platform to do so, as we feel that the crypto folks are slowly moving away from Telegram to Discord.

The community on Discord grew quickly to over 5,000 people and is also home to our Flame Squad. We are still looking for confident, inspiring, outgoing individuals that care about the adult content creator community, social interactions, and cryptocurrencies to join the Flame Squad and become a Flame Token Ambassador.

Join our Discord now:

Sharesome’s growth in numbers

As for Sharesome, December 2021 was the best month since we started the project.

The monthly active users grew from 561,000 MAUs in December 2019 to now over 1.7M MAUs in December 2021. The fact that December 2018 was better than December 2019 was due to the fact that Tumblr banned porn from their app in December 2018 and a lot of users moved to Sharesome. Not all of them stayed, but it helped us for sure to get Sharesome off the ground.

Also, the Page Views are growing. But not only that: The Page Views per user are growing which means that the average user started spending more time on Sharesome and saw more content, while we optimized the platform and more content was uploaded.

In December 2018, a user saw around 11 pages, in 2019 and 2020 that number grew already to around 14 pages, while in December that number grew to almost 16 page views per user.

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Best regards

Ralf Kappe, Flame CEO & Founder