After several years of improving and expanding our platform, we’re finally ready to launch Flame Token on an exchange. We chose Uniswap because of the ease with which anyone can provide liquidity for any pair. We opened an initial XFL/USDC pool, at a starting price of $0.0004/XFL.

We chose USDC because our goal is to keep the USD price relatively stable and that would be almost impossible if the value of XFL would be primarily denominated in ETH, which is not a stable currency. Keeping the price of XFL relatively stable allows us to have a 1:1 exchange rate between Flame Tokens and Flame Credits in the future. Flame Credits have been available for purchase on Sharesome for several years at a price of $0.01. We are now working on the 1:1 exchange gateway between Flame Tokens on the blockchain and Flame Credits on Sharesome. This will be the next big step in our growth story.

We would like to thank our community for the huge support we received in the past 3 years — without you we would never have gotten to this point.

Finally, we’re just getting started. We believe we have a strong tailwind and we stand a good chance to dominate the adult crypto market given our platform, technology and community. Stay tuned for more updates. Oh, and you might want to buy some XFL. It’s pretty cheap right now.