If you landed here, you tried to visit a Nafty URL that was forwarded to this page because the Nafty team discontinued to work on all existing products and services and was shutting them down.

In October 2022, we acquired all Nafty assets. We are Flame Technologies AG, the company behind Flame Token and Sharesome. Sharesome is the world’s largest sex-positive social media site with a native crypto token as Web3 layer on top of it.

We acquired the Nafty assets because we think that the technology that was built by the Nafty team is a good fit to our ecosystem. We integrate parts of the Nafty technology now into our products and services.

Please join the Flame/Sharesome Community on Discord: https://discord.gg/sharesome

You can read the Press Release about the acquisition here: Flame Token and Nafty Token Announce Acquisition

You can read the first Open Letter to the Nafty Community here: Integrating Nafty into the Sharesome ecosystem