New Year, Same Mission

Buidling a sex-positive social media platform

The end of 2021 made us look back on what happened last year.

Looking at how the year 2021 turned out for sex workers, we have mixed feelings. 2021 was the year where sex workers made a whopping 5.9 billion USD revenue on OnlyFans, but a lot of sex workers struggled because venues closed and many customers cut spendings because they also lost their jobs.

Read this article where we dive a little bit into 2021: 2021 Year in Review

Heating the token up

In January, we established our main liquidity pool on SushiSwap Mainnet with current liquidity of around $200,000. We also established our Liquidity Provider Subsidy Program. 20% of the total XFL supply is dedicated to rewards for liquidity providers for the USDC/XFL pair on SushiSwap. The program runs for 100 epochs and each epoch will last 1 week. At the end of the epoch, the user can harvest their XFL. This initiative has been granted 4,200,000,000 XFL and each epoch will have 42,000,000 XFL to start.

Step 1 | Add Liquidity:

Step 2 | Get rewarded:

Here are some guides on how to buy, farm, stake tokens:

Step-by-step Guides
How to buy Flame Token:
How to farm Flame Token:
How to add liquidity to SushiSwap:

We also established our HODL pool.

We want to give early adaptors and long-term believers a mechanism where they are rewarded for hodling XFL, signaling their belief in the Flame vision. This pool is also designed for “the little farmers”, and the “causal buyers”.

The HODL pool is live:

We need a squad!
Wanna join our clique?

We also established our Flame Token Ambassador Program on Discord.

We are looking for confident, inspiring, outgoing individuals that care about the adult content creator community, social interactions, and cryptocurrencies. Flame Token Ambassadors make an impact, get involved, and earn rewards.

Join the #FlameSquad here: Join the Sharesome | Flame Token Discord Server!

Heating the utility up

And as always, we worked hard on growing Sharesome and its advertising business.

We launched Sharesome v23 with a 100x faster search and a lot of bugfixes.

The growth of Sharesome is still looking good. Especially because we still did not start with media buying. All the growth and traffic are 100% organic.

The monthly active users grew from 428,000 MAUs in January 2019 to now over 1.8M MAUs in January 2022.

Also, the year-by-year growth looks promising: While we saw 10 million different users in 2020, the year 2021 brought us 19 million different users on Sharesome. That is a plus of 90%, or in other words ‘rock-solid growth’. The average time spend on Sharesome remained at around 7 minutes which is 2:30 minutes more than people spend on OnlyFans.

Also, the Page Views are growing from 6.8M page views in January 2019 to 31.6M in January 2022.

We will continue to focus on the growth of the user base and also the ad business which is the utility for Flame Token. Sharesome is the only social media site where NSFW content creators can buy promoted posts, advertise their paysite, and keep the followers that they gain in the long term.

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Best regards

Ralf Kappe, Flame CEO & Founder