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The vision

We want to change the way millions of content creators make a living.

The vision

We want to change the way millions of content creators make a living.

Enable access to social media and crypto.

Your token

XFL is designed as a decentralized token, free from censorship and open to all. For anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Low transaction fees

Transaction fees in the adult industry are traditionally very high. Blockchain solves this problem.

Smart Wallet

Every Sharesome account is by design already a Flame Credits wallet. Over 1 million wallets have been created to date.

No discrimination

Sharesome does not discriminate. We welcome diverse communities, like the LGBTQ+ community, and we love sexy.

Promote your brand

On Sharesome, we encourage content creators to send traffic to their paysites. We allow NSFW content.

NSFW Advertising

Sharesome is the only social media platform that allows advertising for NSFW content.

Your data

Your brand, your users, your data: on Sharesome we provide you with analytics to help grow your business.

Social Plugins

We offer several social plugins to extend the reach of Sharesome: a tipping button, a “login with Sharesome” API and a comments plugin

How the XFL ecosystem works

The Mission

The Flame Token is built as the native currency of Sharesome to enable universal access to social media and to advertising for NSFW content.

We bring social media to the adult industry, and crypto to social media. All stakeholders in the adult industry, creators, fans, and service providers will be able to connect and to send, receive, and spend Flame Token in exchange for goods & services.

The Token

Flame Token is the native currency of the Sharesome ecosystem. In order to allow instant and free transactions between users, we implemented Flame Credits. These are stored on the Sharesome server.

You are able to deposit your on-chain Flame Token in your Sharesome wallet by sending them to an address that you will be given and the corresponding amount of off-chain Flame Credits will be credited to your Sharesome wallet at the given exchange rate.

The Economy

A token without a use case has no value.

Flame Token (XFL) is a utility token that serves as a medium-of-exchange for promoted posts (advertising) on our social discovery platform Sharesome. We build the platform already and we rolled out advertising on the site.

The value of XFL will grow with the utility, which means when the volume of sold ads on Sharesome grows. This will depend on how big the market is and how much market shares we are able to get.

The Blockchain

The project follows the strategy of Progressive Decentralization. Our main focus is on building a product that people want.

While doing that, we’re also thinking about how that product can successfully run in a decentralized matter — but we are building decentralization gradually. After reaching product-market fit, we now focus on selling Flame Tokens to an already active user base.

In the next step we will list XFL Flame Tokens on Decentralized Exchanges (DEX). One of the last steps will be moving Flame Credits on-chain.

The Whitepaper

The adult world is undergoing a visible metamorphosis process, from an industry dominated by intermediaries (studios, tube sites etc) into a more peer-to-peer, independent-producer focused environment where performers and producers interact more closely with their fans through social platforms.

Read all about Sharesome and the Flame Token XFL in our Whitepaper.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sharesome?2021-04-08T10:11:25+00:00

Sharesome is the first social discovery website designed for adult content creators and their fans.

Where should I store my XFL tokens?2021-12-05T12:00:19+00:00

XFL Token should be stored in an Ethereum wallet. Which one is right for you, is up to you to choose. Here is an overview:

What makes Flame Token unique?2021-04-08T10:08:23+00:00

We envision a world in which everyone in the adult industry benefits from blockchain. Given this, Flame Technology AG set itself the goal of inspiring blockchain enthusiasts, developers, and market participants alike. The vision is to enable adult content creators to make a living without depending on mainstream social media, as well as building their own fanbase. We do this by creating a platform for content creators and fans (Sharesome) as well as a financial ecosystem (Flame Token) that works for all market participants.

What is Ethereum?2021-04-08T10:04:56+00:00

Ethereum is the community-run technology powering the cryptocurrency Ether (ETH), as well as thousands of decentralized applications.

Who is behind the Flame Token project?2021-04-08T12:52:18+00:00

We believe that there is true economic and innovative power in the adult industry. Sometimes technological change comes with economic power shifts. This is why Robert set up the Flame Technologies AG in Zug, Switzerland, as a for-profit organization in 2018. The location has other benefits as well – easy and fast incorporation, a friendly regulatory environment, and a handy ecosystem of other blockchain organizations.

PV Websites Limited was then set up by Robert as an independent company in Larnaca, Cyprus. The company is responsible for Sharesome and the related advertising business.

What is XFL?2021-04-08T10:10:38+00:00

XFL is an ERC-20 Token on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Flame Tokens can be exchanged into Flame Credits. Flame Credits are the native currency of the Sharesome ecosystem. XFL is built as a Medium-of-Exchange utility token.

Before XFL can achieve its full potential, it needs to gain mass adoption. We are determined to solve this problem by becoming the safe and secure standard for the exchange of goods and services in the adult industry, growing Sharesome and FlameToken to market-leading products.


How is Flame funded?2021-04-08T12:52:31+00:00

Flame Technologies AG is a private company and funded by its founder, Robert.


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